You Can Count On Stretch-Tite® Premium Plastic Food Wrap For Freshness That's Easy!  Stretch-Tite® Premium Plastic Food Wrap...Keeping Your Food And Ingredients Fresh!

Get freshness that's easy and cost effective!  Stretch-Tite® Premium Plastic Food Wrap, Freeze-Tite® Clear High-Cling Freezer Wrap and our Professional All-Purpose Food Wraps are the preferred choice of cooking and food enthusiasts, culinary professionals and chefs the world over.

Stretch-Tite® Premium Plastic Food Wrap with its superior 'stretch-to-seal' performance, stretches like elastic to seal tighter and better protect the freshness and taste of your food.  Stretch-Tite® Premium Plastic Food Wrap with its superior 'stretch-to-seal' performance offers consumers and professionals a better performing wrap in a sturdy and reliable package that will stand up through the entire use of the product.  Stretch-Tite® has recently been featured in independent publications, newspapers and magazines such as, Cook's Illustrated, Cuisine Magazine, The New York Times, The Boston Globe and The Oregonian.

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